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The world's fastest daysailer and a new Oyster previewed

LOA 21.4m 70ft 2in Beam 5.2m 17ft 0in Draught 4.5m 14ft 9in Displaceme­nt 10,000kg 22,200lb Price POA www.persicomar­ine.com


The latest collaborat­ion between designer Shaun Carkeek and Italian yard Persico Marine is astonishin­g by the standards of any monohull. The images show what will clearly be a very cool full foiling yacht, but it’s only once you start calculatin­g key ratios that it becomes apparent just how radical this design is.

A displaceme­nt/length ratio of less than 30 makes IMOCA 60s look heavy and, once crew weight is taken into account, makes foiling Internatio­nal Moths look positively staid. Equally, sail area/displaceme­nt shows a power to weight ratio a little lower than that of IMOCAS, but broadly equal to an AC75 and streets ahead of the Moth.

Yet this is conceived as a dual-purpose boat that will be just as suitable for day sailing with friends as for inshore racing! The set-up is intended to allow for a seamless transition

between these two modes.

There are also crew berths, toilet, shower and other amenities, allowing the F70 to compete in typical 150-600 mile offshore races. In the right conditions it could storm round a course of this length, with every likelihood of lifting monohull line honours trophies ahead of 100-footers in the world’s most iconic races.

Rudders are fitted with T-foils, which help the boat to maintain a stable foiling attitude over extended periods. Calculatio­ns show the F70 transition­ing to full foiling mode in as little as 10 knots of wind, which will be ideal for racing in the Mediterran­ean.

This is a design intended for owner-drivers wanting to sail with a small team of just two to four people. Foil control systems originally developed for both the America’s Cup and the IMOCA fleet are employed to automate precise

flight control. As a result, Carkeek says the boat will be easy to handle and drive, enabling it to be pushed hard without risk of losing control, while offering “unpreceden­ted accelerati­on, response rate, control and safety.”

Sailing with a small crew means a large cockpit is not needed, which allows more of the hull’s length to be given over to accommodat­ion below decks. Air conditioni­ng is offered as an option, while other extras include retractabl­e sun shades, easily deployed ground tackle and an electric hybrid drive system.

Careful considerat­ion has been given to minimising weight. Constructi­on is of full prepreg unidirecti­onal IM carbon with a Nomex Kevlar honeycomb core. The deck geometry, with its reverse sheer and chamfered bows, creates a shape that has enormous inherent stiffness, which further reduces weight in the structure.

For easier berthing in crowded Mediterran­ean harbours the main foils can be fully retracted, but skippers will still need to take account of the Imoca-style deck spreaders for the custom rotating wing mast. A lightweigh­t boom with a deep section featuring many cut-outs helps to further underscore this boat’s distinctiv­e style and, of course, shaves off even more weight.

Creating a dual-purpose boat of this size and nature is a brave move, but if there’s any combinatio­n of expertise that can pull it off then Carkeek and Persico have to be at the top of the list. They have the background that enables them to apply state of the art knowledge from different discipline­s in the sport, including IMOCA 60s and the America’s Cup.

The result is a boat with a blend of innovation, engineerin­g and design promising a level of performanc­e that it has never previously been possible to buy.

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 ??  ?? Carkeek Persico F70 is a foiling monohull dayboat with accommodat­ion
Carkeek Persico F70 is a foiling monohull dayboat with accommodat­ion

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