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Trial it first! The most important thing is to try out your watermaker properly in advance. Make sure you use it on the way down to the Canaries.

Installati­on is key. You have to make sure the saltwater intake is not too far forward, that the pump is low enough and close enough to the intake so hose runs are minimised.

Familiarit­y. Know how to use and maintain the watermaker. Installati­ons are relatively simple for owners – then should it go wrong you have a better chance of knowing how to fix it. Servicing. Change your pre-filters regularly and flush the system with fresh water while in use. Spares. Carry enough filters and chemicals for an Atlantic circuit – don’t scrimp here as it can cost more than the value of the parts to send them. For those sailing in the Pacific, a spare pressure switch is worthwhile, potentiall­y a spare pump too, advises Jim Macdonald.

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