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LAVIE This portable purifier has three time settings, set according to the chlorinati­on level of the water. “Power consumptio­n is very low, about 25W for a 15-minute cycle,” says Patrice Charbon, adding: “In other words we purify one litre of tap water with only 25W of electricit­y.

Lavie comprises a 0.5lt (€99) or 1lt (€189) bottle, a case that holds the bottle and includes an LED band for the UVA radiation. www.lavie.bio/en

AEGINA For those wanting a more permanent water filtration device using LED technology, Aegina has just come to market with its Pure water purificati­on unit. This is a low power, low-maintenanc­e system available in four output sizes which can filter up to 18lt of water per minute. Developed and manufactur­ed in the UK, this is the only Class A water purifier, which guarantees 99.99% pure water from any stored water.

Four sizes available from 3lt-18lt, costing from £1,645 ex VAT for the 3lt model.

Aegina Pure filters the water by hitting it with

UVC LED light of a specific wavelength, changing the structure of any viruses and bacteria, leaving pure water. www.aegina-pure.com

FLOSTREAM The compact Micro HIFLO10 uses a threestage filtration process to get rid of microscopi­c particles down to 10 microns in size, including chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities. There’s also a bacteriost­atic control element that removes cysts and bacteria. The unit measures 169x133mm, making it easy to fit under a sink, and has replaceabl­e cartridges.

Price: £109, replacemen­t cartridges £49.50. www.waveintern­ational. co.uk

 ??  ?? Diagram of the Aegina purificati­on system
Diagram of the Aegina purificati­on system

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