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The previous management, which took over Southerly in 2017, wanted all of the yachts to be branded Discovery. The shipyard has since seen the appetite for Southerly and is now badging its smaller yachts accordingl­y. The new 42 coming out this autumn will be the first marketed as a Southerly with a 33 and a 38 to follow. These all use the original Southerly hull moulds, with new deck and interior designs.

From 48ft up each yacht is a Discovery. The 48 is the only model available with fixed or swing-keel and a lower saloon option. For those wanting to ship heavy items up high – such as davits and heavy tenders – it becomes prudent to move to the fixed keel version for its added righting moment. There is a marked difference in displaceme­nt and cost, with the fixedkeel version weighing 1.7 tonnes less and starting at £80,000 lower.

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