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Director who leads digital revolution in rural setting

Sarah Comerford, Client Services Director, Purple Creative Studio.


Annoyingly I know, I am a morning person.

I wake up about 6.15am before my alarm and I normally do the millennial thing of reaching for my phone and having a scroll through Instagram.

Once up I like to potter around the garden with a brew, water my plants, have a snuggle with my pooch and then get ready for the day.

Despite being up for hours, there is always a last-minute dash to get out the door.

I am lucky that I only live five minutes away from the office and I love the fact that I don’t need to battle with a daily commute.

I am the client services director for Purple Creative Studio and we are based on the stunning Zetland Estates, a private estate just outside of Richmond which is beautiful in all seasons.

In summer you can eat lunch alfresco and at the moment there are so many Spring lambs bouncing around that I am constantly distracted by them.

Purple Creative Studio is a digital agency that specialise­s in website design, graphic design and digital marketing.

I have been here now for just under six years and my role and responsibi­lities have changed dramatical­ly during that time.

I am extremely grateful that my career journey has been incredibly eclectic. I have worked at a number of different places and each one has given me valuable skills which I use each and every day.

I get into the office at 8 am and I like to spend the first part of my day working on emails that have come in overnight and scheduling work for the upcoming day.

I also have a quick look at social media to see what is trending, what people are tweeting about and I have a look at the engagement on the social media accounts that we manage.

Although we are a digital agency based in rural Yorkshire we have clients across the UK including London, Surrey and of course, lots in beautiful Yorkshire. The beauty of being in the digital sector is that you can work wherever there is internet and we can and do work with people all over the country.

No two days are ever the same but I normally have a number of meetings with clients, either to discuss current or new web work or meet to discuss digital marketing.

I can have these meetings in the office, or often I need to jump in the car and roam around the Dales to meet with clients on their premises. I also spend a lot of time talking to clients, whether that be on email or over the phone, but each day really is incredibly different.

The way that people market their businesses is rapidly changing, there are so many tools out there now that need to be utilised, whether that be a website, an email database or social media channels. The industry is changing so fast, with new algorithms and trends emerging all of the time.

My main goal is always to help people understand the industry so they are not bamboozled with jargon, from there we can make informed decisions together.

I have recently been running workshops with Coventry University, which is something I am incredibly proud of, I am passionate about digital marketing and being able to share that knowledge with local businesses is really rewarding.

Another part of my role is looking for new business. I attend lots of great networking events and I enjoy meeting potential new clients, I find that all new web projects are best discussed with a cup of tea so that I can fully understand the project before we quote for it.

We offer two different web services, a template service for those wanting something smaller and then a bespoke service, which is where we look at websites that the client loves and loathes, talk about the user journey and then create a bespoke design based on that research.

I love it when a client sees the design for the first time.

Some people can get quite emotional seeing their thoughts and ideas laid out in a design, especially if it is a new business venture.

When I get home, I try to steer clear of screens. I moved up to Yorkshire eight years ago from Shropshire and although I know I will never be a true Yorkshire native, the beauty of the county still after eight years can take my breath away.

I love grabbing the dog and wandering down to Easby Abbey or Round Howe for some fresh air, a dose of perspectiv­e and a bit of head space.

The industry is changing so fast, with new trends emerging all of the time.

The beauty of the county can still take my breath away.
SARAH COMERFORD: The beauty of the county can still take my breath away.

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