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in­cluded Kenneth Branagh, Joss Whe­don and Spiel­berg. Com­ing up: Guillermo del Toro on Crim­son Peak (in which Hid­dle­ston re­placed his pal and War Horse co-star Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch) and Ben Wheat­ley on High Rise. It’s all hap­pen­ing. If he continues to choose well then he may end up go­ing head-to-head with Cum­ber­batch as the UK’s bright­est of bright young things.

It was Branagh on Thor in 2011 who, says Hid­dle­ston, en­cour­aged him “to go to some pretty ex­treme places from time to time emo­tion­ally”.

Spiel­berg did it, too, in that apoc­a­lyp­tic cav­alry charge in War Horse.

The Avengers fran­chise is some­thing else en­tirely but Hid­dle­ston lends it equal weight. Deep down he treats it all like Shake­speare.

“It’s al­ways nice to know that the man be­hind the eye, be­hind the lens, be­hind the cam­era is some­one who knows what it’s like to go to those ex­treme places in per­for­mance,” he says of Branagh though he could be talk­ing about any of his di­rec­tors.

“You can get any num­ber of dif­fer­ent sorts of act­ing notes from Ken.

“In one in­stance he came up to me and said ‘Tom, this is the mo­ment where the thin steel rod that’s hold­ing your brain to­gether snaps’.

“He then walked away and promptly span on his heels, came back and said ‘I’m aware by the way that that’s a rather chal­leng­ing thing to ask you to do. So we can have a cou­ple of goes.’”

As long as he keeps his sense of hu­mour he’ll do just fine as our next great star.

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