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go back to the way it used to be.

“You have a con­victed black­hat hacker who’s got a con­di­tional re­lease from fed­eral pri­son to pur­sue a cy­ber crim­i­nal ad­ver­sary, a guy who’s high speed, danger­ous, world class. He’s a ghost. He’s out there some­where.

“They don’t know who he is, where he is, why he’s do­ing what he’s do­ing.

“But the thrill in mak­ing it was an op­por­tu­nity to pull the me­chan­ics of the sto­ry­telling out of the very cur­rent world we are in right now.

“I find that very ex­cit­ing. It’s taken from that same world, the im­me­di­ate right now. It be­comes kind of a de­tec­tive story.”

Mann grace­fully ac­cepts a com­pli­ment about his in­ven­tion of the mod­ern thriller genre but bats it back. Black­hat al­lowed him to move his film­mak­ing on, jump­ing from the 20th to the 21st cen­tury.

The old ways have been left be­hind.

His hero, Hathaway, played by Hemsworth, per­son­i­fies the quan­tum leap made by Mann and the film, as the direc­tor ex­plains.

“Twenty years ago they’d try to find out a lo­ca­tion by in­ter­ro­gat­ing an in­for­mant. To­day in­stead of that they con a guy in the NSA to down­load a pass­word, down­load some soft­ware, re­store some code and what does he get? He gets a lo­ca­tion.

“He still doesn’t know who the guy is, where he is, or what he’s do­ing but they know this guy’s com­mand con­trol server is in Jakarta, In­done­sia. That’s a clue. So the story is telling it­self.”

Mann’s dig­i­tal re­birth – he strives to make com­put­er­s­peak sexy and shot the movie en­tirely on dig­i­tal – did not ex­tend to an overuse of CGI. In­stead he dragged his cast across 70 sep­a­rate lo­ca­tions from Chicago to Kowloon.

“Film is an in­ter­weav­ing of text, mu­sic, vi­su­als, the story, dia­logue, peo­ple. You want places to feel evoca­tive of what the scene’s about be­fore it be­gins,” he as­serts.

“The ul­ti­mate thing is a lo­ca­tion which makes the scene come to life. Then it comes alive for all of us. It’s re­ally there. It’s not dig­i­tally put in. We’re not look­ing at a green screen. It’s the real thing.

“The ac­tors took all of that in and re­ally felt they were there. What’s the most alien land­scape th­ese un­der­dogs could be in? That be­came Chicago.”

Black­hat (15) opens in cine­mas to­day. CEL­E­BRATE the re­gion’s movie in­dus­try by watch­ing a film.

As part of Brad­ford In­ter­na­tional Film Sum­mit, film clubs, schools and com­mu­nity groups in York­shire are be­ing en­cour­aged to put on movies which have been made in the re­gion, in­clud­ing Billy Liar, The King’s Speech and The Self­ish Gi­ant.

If you would like to take part in Sum­mit Screen­ings, Made in York­shire call the film of­fice on 01274 437697, or email brad­[email protected], with the ti­tle Made in York­shire and they will pro­mote the event for you. NEXT month the Howard As­sem­bly Room in Leeds will be screen­ing an in­trigu­ing drama from Ger­man direc­tor Michael Haneke.

The Palme d’Or award­win­ning The White Rib­bon, which first ap­peared in 2009, is a com­pelling tale of bigotry and bru­tal­ity set in a north Ger­man vil­lage im­me­di­ately be­fore the out­break of the First World War.

The film will be screened on Fri­day, March 6, at 7pm. Tick­ets are £5 and avail­able from the box of­fice on 0844 848 2727 or on­line via www. howar­dassem­bly­room.



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