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FRIDAY MAY 17 2019 YORKSHIRE POST 16/reviews YP Tablet Apps Visit your app store FILM standing marker with a crime syndicate boss (Anjelica Huston) to secure safe passage to Morocco where he hopes to reunite with fellow assassin Sofia (Halle Berry), who now manages the Continenta­l Hotel in Casablanca. Meanwhile, The Adjudicato­r (Asia Kate Dillon), a menacing emissary of the High Table, visits Winston and the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne), who presides over the homeless in New York, to issue stern punishment­s for abetting John. Both must resign their posts within seven days or expert swordsman Zero (Mark Dacascos) will meet their resistance with his blade. PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups (U) ON GENERAL RELEASE 3/5 DAMON SMITH PAW Canadian animated TV series a top dog for pre-schoolers on the Nick Jr channel, bounds excitedly onto the big screen in a super-powered instalment directed by Charles E Bastien. Parents of little ones frothing with excitement at the prospect of 70 action-packed minutes of canine misadventu­re should be forewarned that the film is a compendium of three programmes. Alongside a turbo-charged main feature, there is an episode of in which Rod encourages his scaredy-chick little brother Romeo to have self-confidence – “When the time comes, I know you’ll find your inner rooster!” – as they cocka-doodle-do their best to stop their family’s runaway truck. Completing the compilatio­n is an instalment of which centres on young fairy Cricket as she practices her skills with a piping bag and comes to the rescue when older sister Butterbean forgets to add coloured frosting to a batch of cupcakes ordered by Professor Cosmos for his stargazing club. If your litter is only interested in then you’ll be treated to approximat­ely 45 minutes of well-groomed entertainm­ent for your money, which hammers home valuable life lessons about perseveran­ce and resilience in the face of failure. opens with 10-year-old Ryder (voiced by Jaxon Mercey) and his doggy crew responding to an emergency at Moo Juice Dairy Farm where farmer Al (Ron Pardo) has foolishly decided to clean the top of a grain silo by tying a giant helium balloon around his waist. Police dog Chase (Justin Kelly), snow rescue dog Everest (Berkley Silverman), firefighte­r dog Marshall (Drew Davis), recycling dog Rocky (Samuel Faraci), constructi­on dog Rubble (Devan Cohen), air rescue dog Skye (Kallan Holley) and aquatic rescue dog Zuma (Carter Thorne) combine their skills to return the farmer to terra firma. Soon after, Harold Humdinger (Chance Hurstfield), inventor nephew of power-hungry Mayor Humdinger (Pardo again) from Foggy Bottom, accidental­ly diverts a meteor towards Adventure Bay. The flaming rock impacts close to town and imbues the dogs with special powers including lightning speed, increased strength and the ability to conjure an ice storm with a well-timed bark. Harold is also blessed with new powers and he abuses this otherworld­ly gift for personal gain. The fate of the community hangs in the balance as Ryder and co race to the rescue. is essentiall­y two episodes of the TV series sandwiched together. Visuals haven’t been enhanced for the larger canvas, but the target audience won’t care. Patrol, John Wick: Chapter 3 –Parabellum is an adrenaline-pumping hoot that raises the franchise’s already high bar on balletic slaughter. Reeves rises to the physical demands of the role and Berry, Dillon and Huston inject long-overdue doses of steely femininity. Top Wing ART Suffering Arcadia Butterbean’s Cafe, SCARBOROUG­H ART GALLERY 4/5 YVETTE HUDDLESTON Leading contempora­ry artist Annabel McCourt confronts head on some of the (many and growing) uncomforta­ble truths of Trump’s America in this thought-provoking new exhibition at Scarboroug­h Art Gallery. PAW Patrol Suffering Arcardia comprises three installati­ons – two new pieces commission­ed by Scarboroug­h Museums Trust and an existing piece. On entering the gallery, you hear the playing mournfully on a loop, drawing you towards Modelled on a traditiona­l seaside arcade grabber machine, it is filled with ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps and other merchandis­e which the grabber seeks to pick up. Interspers­ed with the music are snatches of dialogue from the POTUS himself including his infamous ‘grabbing’ boast. There are no winners only losers in the game of lies, coercion and false promises. Mighty Pups Star Spangled Banner Artist Annabel McCourt with her work Electric Fence at Scarboroug­h Art Gallery. PICTURE: TONY BARTHOLOME­W MAGA Grabber. other’s faces and torsos while furiously smashing display cases, grabbing guns, knives, axes and other implements to fling through the air with dizzying precision. Fans of earlier instalment­s won’t be disappoint­ed when it comes to highoctane destructio­n as Stahelski’s camera pirouettes around his leading man on horseback and a motorcycle, flanked in one exhausting exchange by two snarling attack dogs. John (Reeves) has been excommunic­ated from the Continenta­l Hotel in New York – a membership-only haven for the criminal underworld – by dapper owner Winston (Ian McShane) after he broke the rules and terminated crime lord Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) on the premises. The High Table, the guild of assassins which imposes a strict moral code on the spilling of blood, authorises a 14 million US dollar contract on John’s life. Carnage begins on the stroke of 6pm and John calls in a long- John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (15) ON GENERAL RELEASE 3/5 DAMON SMITH In 2014, Keanu Reeves revitalise­d his post-Matrix career with a blood-soaked action thriller about a grief-stricken hit man, who exacts eye-watering revenge for the butchery of his beloved hound Daisy. Chad Stahelski’s relentless­ly brutal film was a giddy delight and three years later, a testostero­ne-pumped sequel continued the breathless hand-to-hand combat and running gun battles. Stahelski returns to the director’s chair for a third instalment, which dovetails neatly with the conclusion of and orchestrat­es a hyperkinet­ic battle royale on the rain-lashed streets of New York City. The script, credited to four writers, adds several layers of intrigue but strips back characteri­sation to the splintered bone in order to focus on impeccably choreograp­hed fight sequences, which reach a whoop-inducing crescendo with a showdown in an armoury museum. Reeves and acrobatic extras deliver punishing blows to each John Wick, Happy Hour in the Harmful Factory comprises a hand-written red neon sign next to a fridge full of small milk bottles and is a feminist response to the ‘futile optimism of milk as a cure-all’. The third installati­on, and arguably the most powerful, is which was first seen in Hull as part of its tenure as 2017 UK City of Culture. Made as an unequivoca­lly robust response to the sermon by a North Carolina preacher whose proposed ‘solution’ to same-sex marriage was to enclose members of the LGBTQ+ community within an electrifie­d fence “so they can’t get out”, the piece speaks eloquently to the terrifying fact that this sort of vile hate speech has become commonplac­e, not only in America but in many parts of the world. Hull-born McCourt describes the work as “carrying the scars of humanity within its very fabric”. Electric Fence John Wick: Chapter 2 PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups To September 1. Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups, out now. ■ PICTURE: PA PHOTO/PARAMOUNT PICTURES