Small is beau­ti­fully en­gi­neered for Volvo

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Volvo moves for­ward un­der full Chi­nese own­er­ship with the dowry from Ford of two highly ef­fi­cient 1.6-litre petrol en­gines for its S60 and S80 mod­els. Sales start this au­tumn.

The days when larger cars needed big en­gines are over at Volvo. The 150hp T3 and the 180hp T5 use di­rect in­jec­tion tur­bocharger fu­elling for high econ­omy and high torque. On both 1.6-litre en­gines, each in­jec­tor has been po­si­tioned cen­trally above the pis­ton, just be­side the spark plug. The in­jec­tors have six holes each which of­fer finely atom­ised fuel dis­tri­bu­tion.

The cen­trally lo­cated mul­ti­hole in­jec­tor makes it pos­si­ble to con­trol fuel dosage pre­cisely. In cold starts, the fuel is sprayed into the mid­dle of the com­bus­tion cham­ber just prior to ig­ni­tion.

“Small, high-per­for­mance GTDi en­gines are a part of our bid to get more en­ergy out of smaller en­gines,” says Mag­nus Jon­s­son, se­nior vicepres­i­dent of prod­uct devel­op­ment at Volvo.

“The high fuel in­jec­tion pres­sure of 100 bar means less fuel ends up on the cold com­bus­tion cham­ber walls. This helps cut emis­sions and con­sid­er­ably re­duces the amount of fuel con­sumed.

“An­other ef­fect is a ma­jor re­duc­tion in the amount of soot par­tic­u­lates com­pared with a side-po­si­tioned in­jec­tor,” says Mr Jon­s­son.

Volvo de­vel­oped the sys­tem in col­lab­o­ra­tion with its mak­ers, Bosch.

The man­ual gear­box ver­sion has stop-start ig­ni­tion while the au­to­matic has a free­wheel sys­tem to re­duce rolling re­sis­tance and im­prove fuel con­sump­tion. Mileage and emis­sion fig­ures are awaited.

VOLVO S60: Ef­fi­cient en­gines.

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