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Bringer of glad and sad tidings this week

- Sharon Dale, Property editor Email: sharon.dale @ypn.co.uk Twitter: @propertywo­rds

There is a good news and bad news in Property Post this week.

The bad news features above and reveals a shortage of residentia­l properties to let, which is pushing rents up for those who can least afford to pay at a time when energy bills, fuel and food are also rocketing due to inflation.

For those who own rental homes and are doing well out of them, my message is don’t be greedy just because you can and just because your letting agent tells you that you can get more for your property.

Being kind while still turning a reasonable profit can be a good investment as tenants will appreciate it and are more likely to stay, saving you the bother and expense of temporary voids.

As for the good news, we focus on newly-fashionabl­e Halifax, where the property market has been boosted by virtue of the town’s spectacula­r architectu­re and a huge injection of culture.

TV series set in Halifax, including the brilliant Gentleman Jack and Last Tango in Halifax, have also played their part in luring people to the town but it is The Piece Hall that has added a huge injection of “cool” thanks to its ability to attract big name artists who are keen to play in its acoustical­ly perfect amphitheat­re.

While the gargantuan Georgian former cloth hall is a venue, it is also a permanent home to a host of independen­t shops, bars and restaurant­s. If you haven’t visited do try it as it is, without doubt, an incredible experience and something to be proud of and celebrated.

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