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Coastal homes and why an attractive garden is a must


OUR “Take Three Yorkshire Properties” section above could be of interest to those planning or simply dreaming of a move to the coast.

We have one in the ever-popular Robin Hood’s Bay, which has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, so large enough for an extended family.

There’s also a two-bedroom apartment in the “super prime” seaside hotspot of Sandsend and my own personal favourite, a cottage in Fylingthor­pe.

This property is within easy walking distance of Robin Hood’s Bay but offers an escape from the crowds that flock to the village at the height of the season.

Plus it comes with a small parking space, which would suit me and my tiny Toyota Yaris just fine.

On a non-property related note, when did having a big, space-hogging car become a thing?

Back to the housing market, we focus on gardens and the importance of them when selling your home.

As one estate agent says, gardens are often forgotten about when preparing a property for sale but they are of utmost importance as they can be the first thing a prospectiv­e buyer sees.

If the garden is not looking its best, the buyer will start their tour of your home with a poor impression, which means they will be looking for faults inside.

We are blessed with great garden designers in Yorkshire, including Alistair Baldwin, founder of The Yorkshire School of Garden Design at Harewood, who runs courses in the subject.

Otherwise, books on the subject are useful. I love Jack Wallington’s A Greener Life, devoted to sustainabl­e gardening.

He’s just told me my moss-infested lawn is not a bad thing as far as the environmen­t goes so I’m very happy, though a buyer may not be, which is fine because I’m staying put for now.

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