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Well done to Brad­ford’s Daniel Win­ter who won the Open pairs with Ben Nor­ton at Lon­don’s Year End Congress.

To­day’s hand from an on­line game sees de­clarer play with the odds to land a tricky slam. South’s re­bid of 2NT promised 18 or 19 points which is com­mon with tour­na­ment play­ers. They play a 1NT re­bid as 15 – 17 points. The rea­son be­ing that a re­bid of 3NT show­ing 19 points takes away an ex­tra level of bid­ding space.

North didn’t quite have the nec­es­sary 33 points for 6NT but the strong 5-card spade suit was good com­pen­sa­tion and this was an on­line game, so no prizes for sec­ond place.

West cor­rectly led the ♥8 against 6NT, the safest lead pos­si­ble – don’t lead away from an hon­our against 6NT, it is bad for your health.

With only ten top tricks, de­clarer needed to garner two more and the only chance was the spade suit but how best to play the suit for one loser? It was clear to lay down the Ace of spades first but what next.

If spades are 3 – 3 then it is a pure guess as to who has the King although de­clarer should rea­son that West is slightly more likely to have the King as oth­er­wise they might have led a spade with­out hold­ing the King.

Note that an ex­pe­ri­enced West with Kxx would cer­tainly play low in tempo on the sec­ond spade trick, giv­ing de­clarer an awk­ward guess (play­ing the King would give the game away).

How­ever, if spades are 4 – 2 which is more likely, then de­clarer can only suc­ceed if East or West has the dou­ble­ton Jx of spades.

So, de­clarer won the Ace of hearts, came to hand with the Ace of spades and led the ♠4. West played low smoothly and de­clarer played the ♠Q from dummy, squash­ing East’s Jack.

De­clarer led the ♠10 which West won with the ♠K and con­tin­ued hearts but de­clarer won the King in dummy and cashed dummy’s♠9 for the twelfth trick. 6NT made.

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