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to make sure your drinking is good for the globe and not just for you?

Bottle weight is one sure sign of carbon wastage. Shipping heavy glass bottles around the world wastes energy, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that a heavy one means better quality. It doesn’t. A heavy bottle is used to imply that the wine is better than it really is. At a recent Aldi tasting, I noticed that it uses significan­tly heavier bottles than many retailers and Aldi’s buyer, Josh Heley, admitted that it has a programme of reducing glass weight starting in the spring. I’ll keep an eye on this.

UK bottling is another way to save emissions. If wine is pumped into a huge, plastic flexitank, shipped to the UK and then bottled on home soil, then the CO2 footprint is around 40 per cent less than shipping it in bottle.

I used to dislike UK bottled wines because some bottlers were not up to standard, but now they are some of the most well-equipped bottling people on the planet. Look on the back label to see where the wine was bottled. Anything with a UK postcode is a sure sign it has a lower carbon footprint than a bottled-at-source wine. UK bottling is often used for supermarke­t own-label wines from Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina.

Here are some UK bottled wines that are seriously good and won’t cost the earth.

The Best Sauvignon Blanc 2021, South Africa, Morrisons, £7: Crisp and lively, with citrus and tropical fruit. Bottled in Manchester.

Finest English White 2020, Kent,

Tesco, £11: The grapes were grown, fermented and bottled in England which means this crisp, refreshing wine has a very low carbon footprint. Bottled in Kent.

Malbec 2020, Argentina, Morrisons,

£5: Astonishin­g value for a wine that is full of juicy, chunky, blackberry and blueberry fruit. Bottled in Manchester.

Mad Fish Shiraz 2020, Australia, Tesco, down from £9 to £7 until November 15 for Clubcard holders: Full of black cherry and plum flavours, soft and smooth. Bottled in County Durham.

Now the clocks have gone back it is time to close the curtains at night and settle down by the fire with a glass of greattasti­ng wine. This month’s wines are good enough for Saturday night drinking, but in this case, each bottle is enjoyable any night of the week.

There are 12 bottles in the case, two bottles of each wine, with three whites and three reds to provide lots of choice. The crisp, dry whites all come from France – Bordeaux and the Languedoc – while the reds come from Navarra, Portugal and Romania.

This 12-bottle case costs just £84 with delivery at £9.95 for a single case but if you order two cases to the same address, it is free.

Just Google “Yorkshire Post Wine Club” and the offer pops up, or go to www. houseoftow­nend.com/yorkshire-postwine-club. You can also ring our order line on 01482 638888, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Outside this time, leave a message including your telephone number and we will ring you back.

There are two each of:

Whites: Les Hauts de Bel Air Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Bordeaux – fresh-tasting, lively, minerally Sauvignon Blanc; Chardonnay 2019 Les Argelières, Languedoc – rounded and elegant Chardonnay, perfect with roast chicken; Grenache Blanc 2020, 172 de Visu, Sélection Parcellair­e, Languedoc – dry and delicious with white peach, mango and lime .

Reds: Paparuda Feteasca Neagra 2019, Romania – dark plum and bramble fruit; Smart Dog Syrah 2020, Alentejo, Portugal – ripe damson fruit with chocolate and spice; Campo Nueva Tempranill­o 2020, Spain – full of juicy red fruit flavours.

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