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Jobs to do


■ Sow sweet peas in a cool greenhouse or cold frame for an early display next year.

■ Try growing perennials like delphinium, verbascum and lupin (pictured) from seed in the greenhouse.

■ Start to plant bareroot roses – they can be planted any time between now and March.

■ Plant heathers, grasses and trailing ivy in pots for winter colour and plant out spring bedding displays of pansies, violas and primulas.

■ Tidy up strawberry plants – cut off any dead leaves and remove runners.

■ Prune pear and apple trees anytime between now and February but do not prune plum trees as they will be susceptibl­e to silver leaf fungus – wait until next midsummer.

■ Sow pots of herbs in a heated greenhouse or on a bright windowsill indoors.

■ Plant overwinter­ing onion sets and garlic.

■ Plant out spring cabbage plants.

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