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In 1727 James Cook was born at Marton, near Middlesbro­ugh, formerly in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The son of a farmworker, his father’s employer paid for his schooling and at the age of 16 he was sent to the fishing village of Staithes as an apprentice to grocer and haberdashe­r William Sanderson.

The shop where Cook lived for 18 months was later washed into the sea but some of the stone was recovered and used to build a small terrace property near the bottom of Church Street now known as Captain Cook’s Cottage. A plaque on the wall states: “The young James Cook received his first taste of the sea and ships in this harbour village”. Cook moved to Whitby in 1746 to become a seaman, sailing coal vessels.

After joining the Royal Navy in 1755, he rose to Captain and found lasting fame as an explorer, navigator and cartograph­er on voyages to Australia and the Pacific.

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