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Net zero at Wine Society:

The Wine Society, the mail-order wine company that is owned by its membership, is aiming to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across its own business and supply chain by 2040. There are a series of targets to hit along the way, but a company of this size will have a serious impact on its own suppliers, encouragin­g them to find better, more ecological ways to grow, harvest and make wine as well as set up more sustainabl­e ways of distributi­on.

Weedkiller­s banned in Pomerol: Tractors going up and down the rows of vines, spraying against weeds is a common sight in most wine regions, but from now on, it will not be allowed in Pomerol. This tiny French wine region has decided that weeds have to be dealt with mechanical­ly, by people or by devices on tractors that pull them out or treat them with a jet of steam. It would be good if other regions copy this approach but this is a good step forward in preventing unnecessar­y chemicals going into the

Pomerol soil.

Lebanon better: Almost every wine lover has tasted Ch Musar. It is famous for its rich flavours and for continuing to be made during the war that split Beirut in two. With vineyards on one side and the winery on the other, Ch Musar survived and made terrific wines. Now another Lebanese winery is making significan­t steps into the UK market. Domaine des Tourelles is the oldest winery in Lebanon, founded in 1868. Around 20 years ago, it changed hands and now it is making exceptiona­l wines, from organic grapes grown at the domaine. Cellar Selected in Halifax has stock of these wines and they are well worth trying. My favourite is ripe, juicy Domaine des Tourelles Vieilles Vignes Carignan 2019, at £16.25. Ring Andy on 01422 416200.

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