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The Victorian era was drawing to a close and Harrogate decided that it really needed a top-rate theatre. The job of designing the building went to the architect Frank Tugwell.

The designated land for the project was on a very narrow plot and it is said that the building was supposed to be up and running in time to celebrate the end of the 19th century.

However, delays meant that the curtain didn’t finally go up until

January 13, 1900, with a special charity performanc­e for the wounded and injured men of local regiments fighting in the Boer War, and what was to become the annual pantomime (Dick Whittingto­n) didn’t open until the day after. Local people wanting to enjoy seasonal festivitie­s had to exercise a little patience that year.

Now called the Harrogate Theatre, it has many of the glorious original features (the foyer plasterwor­k is stunning).

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