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Jobs to do


■ Feed the birds, regularly, with fat balls, coconuts and seed, and ensure there is always a supply of clean water for them to drink.

■ Keep clearing up and, if possible, composting leaves.

■ Leave the faded flower heads on hydrangeas (pictured) until spring – they provide frost protection to the swelling buds further down the stems.

■ If any rose bushes suffered from blackspot or rust this summer, gather up and remove any fallen leaves to reduce the chance of infection next year.

■ Protect any containers that aren’t entirely frost-hardy. Get them under cover or insulate them with anything that will keep them from cracking or shattering. And insulate any naked taps outdoors to stop them freezing.

■ Finish off any winter digging, incorporat­ing plenty of wellrotted manure or old compost.

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