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Gastro Obscura by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras


Though it is possible to get the answers to most questions with an online search or a quick call to Alexa, how wonderful to have this colourful, informativ­e, and compelling encyclopae­dia aptly styled as a food adventurer­s guide. Although finding the answers is easy, putting the book down without reading more is impossible.

From Kenyan fermented runner’s milk to the world’s last wild apple forest, how to prepare Escamoles – ant pupae and larvae – in Mexico, to what exactly is engastrati­on (look it up) are just a few titbits randomly pulled from the book. Of course, not every fact or story is quite as startling as these examples, but the book does take you on a journey highlighti­ng the incredible global diversity and fascinatin­g food and drink out there.

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