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30 Minute Mowgli by Nisha Katona


GOOD FOR: COUCH TO CURRY IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS Another enjoyable book from Nisha Katona, creator and founder of acclaimed Mowgli Street Food restaurant chain – there’s one on Boar Lane, in Leeds. She abandons the restaurant kitchen this time, sharing more than 100 recipes that she cooks at home for her young family.

The Indian-inspired dishes are all cooked in under 30 minutes, so it is an excellent book for anyone who wants to get bright, bold, healthy food on the table pronto without it costing a fortune.

Nisha doesn’t hold back on sharing her tips on making the cooking more straightfo­rward and quicker without sacrificin­g quality; I shall certainly be following her advice for grated ginger and chopped garlic in all my cooking.

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