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The Meat Cookbook by Nicola Fletcher


Vegetarian­s and vegans look away now; this book is for anyone who loves to prepare, cook and eat meat. They will enjoy this superb book from one of the world’s leading authoritie­s on meat, Nicola Fletcher.

The book is beautifull­y illustrate­d and jam-packed with just about everything you need to know about meat. From why top-quality sustainabl­e meat tastes better than home butchery, what tools and cooking equipment are required through to sauces and food pairings, the list goes on and on.

In addition to 250 of the world’s best recipes, all meats, including offal and game, have dedicated sections, outlining their various cuts, preserving, boning, curing and drying. If you want to become a master of meat, then this is the book.

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