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Black and British: An Illustrate­d History by David Olusoga


David Olusoga follows his bestseller Black and British: A Short, Essential History with a children’s edition, illustrate­d by

Jake Alexander and Melleny Taylor. It makes room for the black British history we likely weren’t taught at school – about the Romans, Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians, Victorians, World Wars, Windrush and more. Each page brings to life the lives of black people in Britain in these eras, from Roman Africans guarding Hadrian’s Wall, to an African trumpeter in the court of Henry VIII, and black soldiers fighting for Britain. Olusoga takes us right up to the present day, showing the full perspectiv­e of the journey, as well as how black British people have helped to shape our culture. It’s telling that even for an adult, it’s an informativ­e and intriguing read.

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