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These Precious Days by Ann Patchett


Ann Patchett aficionado­s will likely have read a number of these essays in their various published guises, but as a collection, These Precious

Days is comforting dip-in material that draws you into Patchett’s considerat­e, all-embracing world. Compiled, edited and added to during the pandemic, the essays range from an incredible analysis of her three fathers and the huge roles they played in her life, to an ode to the power of knitting, and the curious travels of a nightstand. The title story tells Patchett’s remarkable lockdown story – with a cameo from Tom Hanks. She discusses writing, yoga, best friendship­s and the importance of dogs, and does it all with a gentleness that’s cosy, without being too sentimenta­l. A very soothing assortment of tales.

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