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Going vegan?:When wine is made from grapes, you might imagine that all wines are naturally vegan but there are things used during winemaking which might compromise its vegan status. Getting wine crystal clear requires fining, just like clarifying a stock, so gelatine or egg white might be used. So, check your wine is vegan by reading the back label or head for Buon Vino at the Courtyard Dairy, in Austwick, near Settle, which has a fine range, including the full-flavoured berry and spice-filled Cuvée des Galets Estezargue­s 2019 from the Rhône (£10.95).

Bin endgame: Bon Coeur has taken a close look at its warehouse and gathered some bin ends that need to be cleared out before new stock arrives. There are offers on the classic St Emilion Ch. Teyssier 2011, down from £22 to £18; the precise Les Vaillons Chablis 1er Cru from la Chablisien­ne 2015, down from £23.99 to £20; and the sturdy, deep flavours of Colombo et Fille Cornas Rouge 2014, down from £36.29 to £28. Check out the list on www.bcfw. co.uk or ring 01325 776446.

French disconnect­ion:

The saga of the St Emilion classifica­tion rumbles on and now only Ch. Pavie remains at the top of the hierarchy as Premiers Grands Crus Classés (A). For several years this golden spot was occupied by just Châteaux Ausone and Cheval Blanc and then, in 2012 Châteaux Angélus and Pavie joined them. Unlike the left bank which graded its wines in 1855 and has remained with that list, St Emilion re-grades about every 10 years. Naturally egos are on the line and a few months ago Ausone and Cheval Blanc decided that they did not want to take part. Now Ch Angélus has withdrawn from the listing, which means that Pavie alone is regarded as the top wine in St Emilion. Will it gain the best price? Perhaps the powers who decide these things should just let the wines establish their price in the market.

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