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- With Sharon Dale

Sales of microcemen­t have soared over the past year and for good reason.

The cement-based render offers a quick, easy and less expensive way to get the look of fashionabl­e polished concrete.

It is applied in four very thin coats, giving a finished depth of just

3-4mm, and can be done by homeowners with the help of a DIY kit and some basic guidance.

It can be used on plaster board, composite timber and painted walls or as an alternativ­e to tiles and other finishes across floors, walls, wet rooms or worktops.

Sally Hotchin is a director at Leeds-based Relentless Microcemen­t, which is the exclusive UK distributo­r of Cemher microcemen­t products.

She says: “We’ve been selling microcemen­t in the UK for five years and until 2020 it was fairly niche. But in the last year we’ve seen a huge rise in its popularity as people are starting to recognise it as a great alternativ­e.

“We have microcemen­t kits for both profession­als and DIYers that are intended for a number of uses, such as waterproof microcemen­ts for wet rooms, durable microcemen­ts for hightraffi­c floors, high stucco products for feature walls or non-slip weatherpro­of options for external surfaces.

“Because we also offer free online training and installati­on guides, it’s something more homeowners are feeling confident to tackle on their own.”

The kits start at £27 per square metre, from www.relentless­microcemen­t.com.

 ?? ?? FINE FINISH: From top, microcemen­t on a wall and also used in a wet room.
FINE FINISH: From top, microcemen­t on a wall and also used in a wet room.
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