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Small wonder that feels call of the mild


Narcissus cyclamineu­s, derived from the wild and perfect for a sunny spot where the soil is relatively fertile and well-drained.

At its peak, this sturdy daffodil may top six inches in height, so it’s best planted in rockeries (although it can spread quickly) and the front of borders where it can be seen. Better still, grow it in a container or naturalize it in a woodland area.

And the reason it gets a mention today is because it has already started to bloom in many gardens – including some where it would normally have the sense to wait until the middle of February before flowering.

But a wet, mild end to 2021 and a deceptivel­y warm start to 2022 seems to have encouraged many small yet incredibly hardy members of the narcissus family to brighten up our lives.

Also out and about is Narcissus ‘Little

Witch’, another small plant with bold, yellow flowers with petals that curl backwards, making a big impression, particular­ly in a rock garden or container.

Like most bulbs, it likes plenty of sun, although it can cope with a bit of shade, and a well-drained soil. Plant the bulbs one-and-a-half times their own depth in sun or partial shade, in autumn. If they are to be grown in pots, they are likely to need watering.

And of course, that ‘‘old’’ favourite, Tête à tête’, one of the most endearing varieties available, is also blooming valiantly in certain places.

Standing at only 15cm high, its daintiness makes it ideal for planting in patio containers or at the front of the border.

The deep golden-yellow flowers appear in early spring (but how do you define ‘‘early spring’’?), with each stem bearing up to three blooms.

In a mild winter, these rockery varieties of narcissus can be in full flower in January, occasional­ly at Christmas, but the majority of bigger blooms will wait until March.

 ?? ?? MIDGET GEMS: Dwarf daffodils are one of the wonders of a mild winter.
MIDGET GEMS: Dwarf daffodils are one of the wonders of a mild winter.
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