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1 Which com­poser of Ukrainian de­scent was mu­si­cal di­rec­tor and con­duc­tor of the New York Phil­har­monic from 1958 to 1969?

2 In which 1958 film does Mitzi Gaynor play nurse Nel­lie For­bush as­signed to a Pa­cific is­land hos­pi­tal?

3 Where could you visit the city of Gaya, a place of Hindu pil­grim­age?

4 What type of crea­ture is the Asian gayal?

5 Asia Mi­nor, a western penin­sula of Asia, con­sti­tutes the bulk of which coun­try?

6 The Asir Moun­tains run par­al­lel to which sea …?

7 … And in which coun­try could

you visit them?

8 Manama is the cap­i­tal of which

sheikhdom con­sist­ing of a group of is­lands in the Per­sian Gulf?

9 What is the largest fresh­wa­ter lake in Europe and Asia …?

10 … And where can it be found?

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