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Plea to outlaw free bets from gaming firms


FREE- BET promotions and other incentives from gambling firms to encourage punters should be banned, ministers have been told.

A reform of the rules was required to prevent operators from being allowed to “stimulate demand”, according to Lord Forsyth of Drumlean.

The Conservati­ve peer, formerly responsibl­e for gambling matters as a Home Office Minister, said such a situation previously existed and action was required to stop people from being “bombarded” by offers on the television and internet.

Culture minister Baroness Barran earlier confirmed that publicatio­n of Public Health England’s review on the harm relating to gambling had been “delayed by Covid” but was expected in the first part of this year.

Lord Forsyth said: “When I was in charge of gambling in the Home Office some 25 years ago, the rule was that operators were not allowed to stimulate demand.

“They were prevented from advertisin­g or doing anything which encouraged people to gamble. Now people are being bombarded on television and the internet with offers of free bets.”

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