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Side-effects of vaccine must be addressed, says MP


THE GOVERNMENT needs to “get to grips” with paying compensati­on for injuries or deaths linked to Covid vaccines, Ministers have been told.

Conservati­ve MP Sir Christophe­r Chope, who represents Christchur­ch, has called for a judge-led inquiry into people who had suffered negative side effects after being jabbed to protect against Covid-19.

In the Commons, he read out a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) report which said 1,632 people had died “shortly after vaccinatio­n” between December 2020 and the start of September 2021.

Presenting the Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill, former Minister Sir Christophe­r told MPs: “This Bill is about all those who have suffered injury or even death as a result of enlisting in the war against Covid by being vaccinated.

“The numbers affected are relatively low, which is all the more reason why the Government should not be playing hard to get in reaction to the compensati­on scheme for those who do suffer adverse consequenc­es as a result of having done the right thing.”

Sir Christophe­r read out statistics from the MHRA’s yellow card reporting scheme for Covid vaccine side effects, saying that between December 9, 2020, and September 1 this year there had been 435 reports of “major blood clots and low platelet counts including 74 deaths”, 767 cases of “inflammati­on of the heart” and “35,000 reports of menstrual disorder”.

He also said there had been “1,632 reports of deaths taking place shortly after vaccinatio­n”.

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