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All you need to know about your fake tan

Any­one who has ever tried self-tan will know that achiev­ing that highly cov­eted Cal­i­for­nia glow is trick­ier than you might think; from streaky el­bows to patchy hands, there’s a myr­iad of trou­bles you can run into. Of course, not ev­ery bride needs or wants a prewed­ding treat­ment – but if you are aim­ing for a faux glow, these tips and tricks will en­sure you avoid tan-guish in the lead up to your big day.

Spray tan

<RXU ZHGGLQJ PD\ EH WKH ÀUVW WLPH you’ve de­cided to treat your­self to a spray tan, so to avoid an orange-hued mishap like Ross from Friends, there are a few things you need to know.

“Con­duct a trial with your spray tan­ner ahead of your wed­ding, just like you would with your hair and make-up artist,” says Jayne Cooper, tan­ning ex­pert with St. Tropez. “Build a re­la­tion­ship so you both un­der­stand the colour you want to be.”

We ad­vise book­ing your tan test a few days be­fore your make-up trial, so you can make sure your skin tone and make-up choices work well to­gether. Book your big-day spray tan 48 hours be­fore the wed­ding day. “This will guar­an­tee that the tan has de­vel­oped, set and calmed in time,” says Jayne.

In prepa­ra­tion for your spray tan, ex­fo­li­a­tion is key. “Ex­fo­li­ate your skin, pay­ing spe­cial at­ten­tion to your hands, el­bows, knees and feet,” con­tin­ues Jayne. To get rid of dry skin, which can cause a patchy, un­even colour, we’re big fans of Fake Bake Co­conut Body Pol­ish, £10.

In ad­di­tion, mois­tur­is­ing your skin on the morn­ing of your spray tan is a no-no. “Mois­turiser acts as a bar­rier to the tan for­mula,” ex­plains Jayne. “So your colour won’t be as rich.” That said, ap­ply­ing a light mois­turiser to el­bows, hands and an­kles pre­vents tan from be­com­ing patchy in those drier ar­eas.

When it comes to the tan shade, think about your dress. “It’s about choos­ing a nat­u­ral-look­ing tan,” says Jayne. “If you’re in white, cream or ivory, you’ll look darker due to the con­trast.”

Re­mem­ber to bring some­thing loose and dark to wear fol­low­ing your spray tan ap­point­ment to help min­imise streak­ing and colour trans­fer­ence on the jour­ney home. “Ditch the bra – es­pe­cially if you’re go­ing to be wear­ing a back­less dress on your wed­ding day,” rec­om­mends celebrity tan­ner James Harknett. “Avoid ex­er­cise af­ter your spray tan, and don’t use a steam room or sauna. Also, take your show­ers cooler than your usual tem­per­a­ture and don’t go for a soak in the bath.

“If it’s hot day when you have your ap­point­ment, your tan­ner should of­fer to sprin­kle a lit­tle tal­cum pow­der in the ar­eas of the body where your skin rubs to­gether, such as your in­ner el­bows and un­der-arms,” he con­tin­ues. “The talc will help to stop sweat from mot­tling the colour of your tan.”

Your spray tan should last be­tween ÀYH DQG VHYHQ GD\V ,I \RX ZDQW WR max­imise its longevity for up to three ex­tra days, then reach for St. Tropez’s Tan En­hanc­ing Mois­turiser, £10. It’s for­mu­lated to work with self-tanned skin to lock in mois­ture and en­sure an even fade to avoid break-up.

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