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Photo ready

Afew months ago I got sun­burn, and I now have big white strap marks. My wed­ding is in a month and my dress is strap­less – the marks are go­ing to show up so badly in the pho­tos. Help! Kazbride

Y&YW says: You won’t be able to work mir­a­cles, but you can re­duce the harsh­ness of the tan line by ex­fo­li­at­ing the area – this will help shed the af­fected lay­ers of skin. You could also use fake tan to dis­guise the marks. Af­ter a shower, ap­ply mois­turiser to your darker patches to cre­ate a bar­rier, then ap­ply the tan. The prin­ci­ple is that the prod­uct will cling to the un­tanned parts, and even out your skin tone.

Tricky tim­ings

I’ve just got en­gaged and we want to get mar­ried in Au­gust 2019. How­ever, my best friend, who has been en­gaged for a while, is get­ting mar­ried in Septem­ber 2019. Is it rude if I get mar­ried be­fore her (and so close to her wed­ding date)? Mrs­btobe

Y&YW says: It’s ac­tu­ally very com­mon to get mar­ried around the same time as your friends, so why not rel­ish the fact that you’ve reached this ex­cit­ing time in your lives to­gether? Be hon­est with your friend and ask her if she will be both­ered about you get­ting mar­ried the month be­fore. Ex­plain your rea­sons, and be sure to tell her how ex­cited you also are for her day. Wed­ding plan­ning with pals can be fun – you can share ideas and help each other through the process.

Dress dis­agree­ments

My sis­ter is re­fus­ing to wear the dress I’ve cho­sen for her. She says she feels un­com­fort­able and doesn’t like it. I’ve sug­gested get­ting it tai­lored, or find­ing a sim­i­lar dress for the evening, but noth­ing works. What should I do? Hei­di­s­tand­ford9

Y&YW says: The usual rule is that if the bride is pay­ing, she gets the fi­nal say on what the maids wear – so if you’re fork­ing out, then tech­ni­cally your sis­ter should be co-op­er­a­tive. Of course, you have to con­sider how she might feel wear­ing an out­fit that she feels un­com­fort­able in, but it sounds like you are try­ing to be very ac­com­mo­dat­ing. Per­haps ex­plain to your sis­ter how much it means to you that she’s there on your big day, and that her wear­ing the same out­fit as the rest of your maids would make you very happy. Once she sees it as a to­ken of sis­terly love rather than just wear­ing a dress, she just might change her mind.

Plus-one prob­lems

One of my hus­band-to-be’s best friends will be a grooms­man at our wed­ding, but we both re­ally do not like his wife and don’t want her to at­tend. My fi­ancé is wor­ried that his grooms­man won’t show up if she isn’t in­vited – is there an an­swer? Y&YW says: The bot­tom line is that no one should be at your wed­ding un­less you want them there – af­ter all, it is your big day. We can see why your fi­ancé might be wor­ried about his friend not want­ing to at­tend with­out his wife, so one so­lu­tion is that you in­vite his wife to the evening only. By then, you’ll be on cloud nine and hope­fully her pres­ence will be less no­tice­able.

Wed­ding count­down

Iget mar­ried in one month and I have no idea what I’m sup­posed to be do­ing right now. I feel pretty or­gan­ised – but is there some­thing I’m miss­ing? Laura1979

Y&YW says: It sounds like you’re all set, but it’s worth check­ing with your wed­ding venue or plan­ner to en­sure that ev­ery­thing is OK, just to give you some peace of mind. An­other thing to tick off your to-do list is to check with your bridal party that they are clear about the or­der of the day and what is ex­pected of them. The last thing you want is a rogue grooms­man not know­ing what time to ar­rive at the registry of­fice! Need help with wedi­quette? Talk to us at face­ youy­our­wed­ding, post your prob­lem at youandy­our wed­­rum or email yy­wwebe­d­i­tor@ im­me­di­

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