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Abi Purser — luxury cat hotel owner


Abi Purser is the founding director of the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel group. She opened the very first one in the garden of her home in Welwyn Garden City in 2010 —11 years on, it has 25 locations and is the only cat hotel franchise in the UK.

“Here at Longcroft, it’s simple: we love cats and place cat welfare at the heart of every decision we make.The pandemic has made us all realise how much we value the companions­hip of our feline friends and we are now seeing a generation of cats that have never met another human.These cats need very special care and attention which is something we have the time and space to do at Longcroft. We will continue to champion greater enrichment and to educate and share our expertise in all things feline to improve the lives of cats across the UK.”

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