Your Cat

JJ Lawrence — gin maker and cat lover


JJ Lawrence is the owner and self-styled ‘Top Cat’ of Tiger Gin, the most award-winning gin in the world.The Shropshire­born entreprene­ur is a cat-lover and has donated thousands of pounds to small and big cat charities. He is the owner of 13-year-old Tilly, a “character” who is averse to children and the vacuum cleaner, but loves jumping in puddles.

“I am hoping that 2022 will be a less stressful year for cat owners and that as we return to the normality of our busy lives, we will carry with us lessons learned in lockdown: the importance of appreciati­ng the essential things in life such as spending time with our loved ones, including our pets, and being kind to ourselves. I hope that in 2022 we will afford ourselves a little time to sit back on the couch or in the garden with our favourite felines and perhaps enjoy a glass of gin!”

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