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George Bramble — founder of Beco Pets


George Bramble is the founder of Beco Pets; he establishe­d the company in 2009. Its mission is to create the best possible products for cats and dogs while doing as little harm to the environmen­t as possible.

“At Beco, we are excited about the year ahead, the brand and the businesses, along with consumers, challengin­g themselves to make changes to lessen their impact on the environmen­t.

How we make things and what we make them from should never be taken for granted. Asking how we can reduce, reuse, or recycle is a great place to start.

“We all love nature and before spring springs I always make sure that the Beco team cat, Fitzgerald, has one or two bells on his collar. I’m sure he’s a less effective predator with these on, which is good news for the nesting birds in my garden.

“This year, we hope that we can all re-establish the normal rhythms of our lives, but not lose that love of home life and companions­hip that cat ownership enhances, especially in recent years.”

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 ?? ?? Beco cat Fitzgerald.
Beco cat Fitzgerald.

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