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Dr Alison Richards — veterinary officer for Cats Protection


Dr Alison Richards is a senior field veterinary officer for

Cats Protection, a charity founded in 1927, which has re-homed more than 1.5 million cats and championed the rights of countless others.

“Cats Protection’s key wish is for more cats to be microchipp­ed during 2022. An estimated 2.8 million pet cats are not yet microchipp­ed, even though it’s a safe and permanent means of identifica­tion which increases the chances of a happy reunion if a cat gets lost.

“We hope that cats are taken to the vet more regularly — 1.2 million pet cats are not registered with a vet, with owners worried about the stress that vet visits cause for their cat. Cats Protection can provide practical advice to help owners calm their cat before they visit the vet, such as training them to be comfortabl­e with being placed in a cat carrier.

“We’d also urge cat owners to exclude lilies from their home or garden, or at least keep them well out of their cat’s reach.All parts of the lily plant are toxic to cats, including the head, leaves, and pollen, if this should fall onto a cat’s fur and then be ingested by the cat while it is grooming.”

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