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Iwanted to share a story about a cat’s idea of a fun Christmas. My cat, Ziva, is a six-year-old Bengal and always likes to help with the Christmas decoration­s. Oh yes, of course once those boxes are brought down from the loft, to the cat’s curious mind, it’s like:‘Hello there box, I love you and oh what’s in there then?’

The cat knows something exciting is about to happen here as she looks at the big green thing laying on the floor. Being an intelligen­t breed, she gets bored easily. She has her favourite toys but Ziva likes a constant stream of new and different things to experience and explore.The Christmas decoration­s provide a purr-fect time for this.

I start assembling the big green thing, pulling apart the branches. On go the lights, the tinsel, and then the decoration­s hanging off the many branches. Ziva helps all the time by examining the contents of the boxes and jumping in and out of them when emptied.

Once finished, I go into the kitchen for a well-deserved cuppa. I hear constant meowing. I go back to see what she is doing but I can’t find her as the meowing has stopped. I look around the mess of boxes, paper, and plastic wrappers but where is she? She lets out another meow. It’s coming from somewhere near the tree. I can’t see her because she is actually IN THE TREE!

Sarah Luke, Brighton.

 ?? ?? She’s a beautiful Bengal.
She’s a beautiful Bengal.
 ?? ?? Ziva in the tree.
Ziva in the tree.

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