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Maggie Thomson Jones nominated Sue via the Your Cat Facebook post asking for nomination­s. She said: “Sue looks after old and infirm stray cats. She’s even altered her home to accommodat­e pens and runs.After vet treatment and searching for owners, she then rehomes the cats.To raise funds, Sue runs auctions and raffles so, as well as looking after the animals, she spends time fundraisin­g.

“This is Sue’s life and her passion, and she totally deserves recognitio­n for her unrelentin­g work looking after cats.”

Another nomination for Sue came from Rhiannon Mair Jones, who said: “Sue and all her other adopters, fosterers, and volunteers are amazing! They have helped so many cats by rescuing them and caring for them. Some cats that have come into Sue’s care are so scared, feral, or have just been through a really bad time, and then what she achieves with them is so amazing!

“One example is a cat called George. He came in really dirty, terrified, covered in scars, and would scratch anyone who went near him. Now he’s as white as anything, no longer scratchy, and interacts more with people. He came so far, with the help of Sue.”

 ?? ?? Sue.

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