Your Cat

1 Have you recently observed any of the following signs of relaxation, contentedn­ess, or positive excitement in your cat? (Tick all that apply.)


■ A relaxed posture with no obvious tension in the body.

■ Resting on their side, exposing their sacred tummy area.

■ Curled up in a deep, peaceful sleep, even when they know you might be spying on them.

■ Tail gently waving from side to side in the air, as if plucking at an invisible harp.

■ A relaxed facial expression, ears facing forwards; it’s almost as if they’re smiling.

■ Eyes shaped like two shiny almonds.

■ Eyes gently closed as if appreciati­ng a beautiful piece of music.

■ Alert and interested in their environmen­t, but not tense or uncomforta­ble.Their eyes may be round, or their ears pricked and generally pointed forwards.

HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU NOTICED THESE SIGNS? A Pretty much all of the time; they seem to enjoy living with me!

B Quite often.

C Occasional­ly, particular­ly when the house is calm and peaceful.

D Rarely.

E Never.

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