Your Cat

2 Have you recently observed any of the following signs of tension, anxiety, or fear in your cat? (Tick all that apply.):


■ Blinking, shaking their head or body, or licking their nose; brain reset is being attempted.

■ Suddenly deciding they are extremely dirty and launching into a short, frantic grooming session.

■ Suddenly going a bit still, doing their best statue impression.

■ Performing an exaggerate­d blink, licking their nose, or seeming to ‘gulp’ or do an obvious swallow.

■ Seeming on edge and jumpy, easily startled at any sudden noises or movements.

■ All four feet firmly planted on the floor as if they’re ready to ping off at a moment’s notice.

■ Trying to hide, get up high, or dart from one room to another when disturbed or startled.

■ A tense, hunched posture, all limbs pressed to their body, head pulled in as if they no longer have a neck.

■ Head lowered to the ground.

■ Taking on a defensive posture, leaning back with front paws kept free, ready to swipe if necessary.

■ Hissing or swiping defensivel­y.

■ A tense face and very wide, rounded eyes; huge pupils like two black saucers.

■ Ears rotated backwards a little and/or flattened downwards.

■ Ears pressed flat against their head as if they have suddenly vanished.

■ A ‘puffed up’ tail, held either straight up or in a curve, their back arched (think about the classic ‘Halloween cat’).

■ Moonwalkin­g — walking sideways while in ‘Halloween cat’ mode.


A Never.

B Rarely.

C Occasional­ly, particular­ly when there are lots of stressful things going on at home.

D Often.

E Pretty much all of the time.

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