Your Cat

3 Have you recently observed any of the following signs of annoyance or frustratio­n in your cat? (Tick all that apply.):


■ Meowing excessivel­y.

■ Appearing restless or agitated.

■ Pacing repeatedly or other repetitive behaviours while indoors.

■ Skin that twitches or ripples as if someone’s just walked over their grave; their fur might also look slightly puffed up.

■ Scratching excessivel­y on the furniture or carpet.

■ Slightly narrowed eyes; their pupils may be small.

■ Tension in the face; whiskers may be splayed forwards.

■ Ears that rotate towards the back of their head.

■ A tail held at ‘half mast’; it might also take on the appearance of an angry snake, swishing furiously from side to side or thumping up and down.

■ A tense posture, weight held forwards.

■ Behaving aggressive­ly (growling, yowling, hissing, biting, swiping, attacking) towards you, other family members, or visitors.

■ Suddenly attacking you, seemingly for no reason.

■ Behaving aggressive­ly towards other pets in the home.



A Never.

B Rarely.

C Occasional­ly, particular­ly when there are lots of stressful things going on at home.

D Often.

E Pretty much all of the time.

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