Your Cat

8 Have you recently observed any of the following behavioura­l signs of pain or general illness in your cat? (Tick all that apply.):


■ Reduced or increased eating and/ or drinking.

■ Rapid weight loss or weight gain.

■ Difficulty or pain when toileting (either urine and/or faeces).

■ Sickness and/or diarrhoea.

■ Certain parts of their body becoming sensitive (i.e. your cat might shout at you or give you a swipe or nibble if you try to touch those areas).

■ A general reduction in grooming or grooming one part of their body excessivel­y.

■ Lameness.

■ A reduction in their movement and general activity levels.

■ Avoiding strenuous activities such as jumping up.

■ Hiding away and general avoidance

of people/other animals.

■ Moodiness or irritabili­ty.

■ Lethargic, depressed, or withdrawn; reduced interested in things they used to enjoy.

■ Frequent, unpleasant, or urgent-sounding meows, groaning, hissing, growling, and yowling.

■ Sudden changes in posture, including more tension, crouching, and hunching, lowering of the head and gaze.

■ Ears pressed down the sides of their head, tension around the nose, tense ‘squinted’ eyes, cheeks and whiskers appearing tense or compressed.


A Definitely none of them.

B Pretty sure none of them.

C One of them.

D Two of them.

E More than two of them.

 ?? ??

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