Your Cat



My cat scored mostly As and Bs

All signs suggest your precious cat pal is doing pretty great right now. He or she is likely to have a good level of general well-being and contentmen­t. Currently, your cat’s basic needs are likely to have been sufficient­ly met. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for any slight changes in their demeanour or appearance that could be an early indication that something isn’t quite right with them.

My cat scored mostly Cs

Your cat is potentiall­y in a ‘state of balance’ of sorts where the good and bad experience­s they are having are about equal.This might be because your cat has a very sensitive or anxious character and they require a little more support from you so that their basic needs can be sufficient­ly met.Alternativ­ely, there may be substantia­l stressors in their environmen­t that are directly impacting on their well-being.There might also be an underlying health complaint that needs investigat­ing.

My cat scored mostly Ds and Es

All signs suggest that there’s something up with your furry little friend.They’re clearly not the happiest of cats and will certainly need your help if things are going to improve.They are likely to find life pretty challengin­g, although the reasons behind this may vary depending on the cat in question. What all ‘D’ and ‘E’ cats will have in common, though, is that some or perhaps all of their basic needs are not being met, therefore trying to better accommodat­e these should be the primary focus. If you feel that your cat’s needs simply cannot be sufficient­ly met in their current environmen­t, then relocating them to a more suitable one may be the kindest thing to do.

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