Your Cat

7 Have you recently observed any of the following behavioura­l signs of stress in your cat? (Tick all that apply.):


■ Any noticeable changes in their usual behaviour patterns or routines.

■ Avoiding being inside the house at certain times of the day (e.g. when it’s busiest).

■ Avoiding certain rooms or areas of the house at particular times.

■ A reluctance to come into the house or a reluctance to go outside.

■ Frequent hiding.

■ Sleeping more or less than usual.

■ Becoming unresponsi­ve to things going on around them (for example, they don’t jump or get startled by loud noises or sudden movements any longer).

■ A decreased interest in things that they usually enjoy, such as treats, play, and attention.

■ Appearing quiet, withdrawn, or lethargic, perhaps sleeping more than usual.

■ An increased dependency on you or other family members; they constantly want to interact with you or get your attention.

■ Withdrawal from you or other family members; they are no longer interested in interactin­g.



A Never.

B Rarely.

C Occasional­ly, especially when there are lots of stressful things going on at home.

D Often.

E Pretty much all of the time.

 ?? ?? Cats need mental and physical stimulatio­n.
Cats need mental and physical stimulatio­n.

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