Your Cat

Remember them this CHRISTMAS


Our cats never fail to bring us joy. Whether they’re trying to climb the Christmas tree in a moment of boundless energy or snuggled up in the strangest position, it’s their cheeky personalit­ies and funny little quirks that make our companions so lovable and endearing.

As Christmas approaches, for many it will be a time for reflection, rememberin­g our beloved pets who are no longer with us and sharing memories of the joy they brought to our lives.

At Battersea, we understand how difficult it can be to lose a beloved pet, and how important it is to pay tribute to the huge impact they had on our lives. Donating to Battersea in memory is a wonderful way to remember the pets who are no longer with us but will always make us smile, while also helping to raise vital funds for the dogs and cats at Battersea who are waiting to bring joy and smiles to a loving new home.

Laura decided to remember her cat, Misty, by donating to Battersea in her memory and shared what this meant to her:

‘Donating to Battersea in her memory has helped me heal. Not only was I celebratin­g Misty’s life, I was also helping dogs and cats that haven’t had the best start in life to find the love and support that we gave her.’

Donating to Battersea in Misty’s memory has helped other dogs and cats.

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