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The Suffolk is a short-haired cat of foreign type. Graceful and elegant with a muscular body and long limbs, it should never be extreme.The type should be balanced, with high, though not upright, ear set and moderate head type.The eyes must be a clear, intense, vivid green with an alert expression.

The head should be longer than wide, with good width across the cheeks and a slight pinch at the muzzle which, although narrow, should be gently rounded and the chin should be firm. The ears are large and wide at the base with a slight forward tilt.

The eyes are medium sized and almond in shape, set at a slightly oblique angle. The body should be muscular and lithe and the legs long and elegant with dainty oval paws.The tail length should balance with the body and slightly taper towards the tip.

The Suffolk comes in two colours: chocolate, and its dilute form, lilac.The Suffolk has a single coat that is short to medium in length, smooth with a lustrous sheen. The chocolate version can be any shade of warm rich chocolate; the colour should be sound with a glossy surface sheen.The paw pads, nose leather, and eye rims should be deep chocolate or pinkish brown.The lilac version is frosty grey with a distinct pinkish hue to give the appearance of dove grey, with the paw pads, nose leather, and eye rims being pinkish mauve. Kittens may show slight tabby markings that resolve as the kittens grow.

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