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Said to have a dog-like devotion to their human family, the Suffolk makes a wonderful pet. They will accompany their owners happily and can even be trained to accept a harness and lead.

They have a charming character and sweet temperamen­t. Ideal as a house cat, they make good companions for children and older folk alike.

They are very tactile cats and like to use their paws to touch and communicat­e. Active, energetic, and lively, they will appreciate a sturdy climbing frame and a variety of toys to keep them amused. They are intelligen­t and curious, and happy to meet and greet visitors to your home. They are quite talkative and extrovert, and are natural show-offs, enjoying a day at a cat show or just demonstrat­ing their athleticis­m in play and games. It is said that they enjoy playing and grooming their owners’ hair, an unusual trait that Suffolks appear to share.

Thanks to their friendly nature, they integrate well with other cat breeds and also cat-friendly dogs. Whether reclining or playing, the Suffolk’s graceful and elegant lines are always aesthetica­lly pleasing.

 ?? ?? An ideal house cat, the Suffolk is a good companion.
An ideal house cat, the Suffolk is a good companion.

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