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Q Do cats see in colour or just in black and white?



AMany people used to think cats saw only in black and white and certainly they behave as if they only see two colours (like colour-blind humans). But the anatomy of their eyes shows that they can actually see all three colours, though very dimly. Professor Ron Ofri, co-author of ‘Slatter’s Fundamenta­ls of Veterinary Ophthalmol­ogy,’ explains:“Behavioura­l studies have failed to demonstrat­e trichromat­ic vision in cats. However, quite a few studies demonstrat­e that cats have the anatomical basis for trichromat­ic vision. In other words, they have the potential for such vision, but don’t use it. It’s like having a 4X4 car but never engaging the 4-wheel drive and using only 2x4.”

They have the ability but they do not use it! Another mysterious aspect of life in the cat’s world!

 ?? ?? Cats could see colours if they wanted!
Cats could see colours if they wanted!

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