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An interview with Peter Rason, one of the founders and trustees of Meowcat Rescue based in Harlow, Essex, appeared in the November issue. Peter was a true advocate for cats and devoted his life to rescuing as many cats as he could. He was known affectiona­tely as the ‘cat whisperer’ for his unique ability to form a rapport with even the most difficult of cats.

In October, Peter passed away suddenly, leaving his wife Jackie and their nine cats. Everyone who knew him is in an utter state of shock and grief. Some of the comments made by friends and supporters of the rescue:

“Peter, one of the world’s most kind and caring souls.You will be sorely missed by all who knew you, feline and human.”

“We need more Peters in this world.” “Thank you for making this world a better place for all the cats and kittens and us humans too.”

“A great big loss to the people and cats of Harlow.”

“You have been a total inspiratio­n and your selfless dedication to the rescue and welfare of cats has been second to none.”

The two remaining trustees of Meowcat Rescue,Angie Stewart-Evans and Maria Guilder, will continue with the rescue as that is what Peter would have wanted.

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