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In this fea­ture se­ries, we are ask­ing our writ­ers to choose the per­fect flock for the back gar­den, one that is at­trac­tive, in­ter­est­ing, stable, har­mo­nious and with a good level of egg pro­duc­tion. This month: Anne Perdeaux

Your Chickens - - The Perfect Flock -

treated against coc­cid­io­sis as chicks – ei­ther by med­i­cated feed or vac­cine.

It’s also im­por­tant when cre­at­ing a mixed flock to con­sider the tem­per­a­ment of the chick­ens that will be liv­ing to­gether. Some breeds are eas­ily bul­lied, par­tic­u­larly those with heavy crests that re­strict their vi­sion. There are also some very as­sertive breeds, es­pe­cially amongst the game fowl. A gar­den should be peace­ful and as I don’t want to spend my time in it ref­er­ee­ing chicken squab­bles, even­tem­pered birds are es­sen­tial.

There are plenty of chick­ens that would be fine in a mixed flock, but it’s still best to ask the breeder about the na­tures

Al­ways ask the breeder’s ad­vice

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