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(c) Deb­o­rah Meaden is an en­thu­si­as­tic chicken-keeper. 2. (b) The Na­tional Poul­try Show is or­gan­ised by the Poul­try Club of Great Bri­tain. 3. (a) It is 90 years since the cre­ator of the Nor­folk Grey, Mr Fred My­hill, reg­is­tered the breed with the Poul­try Club. 4. (c) The grey dust is the ex­cre­ment left by red mite. 5. (b) An av­er­age chicken has a wing­span of around 76cm. 6. (a) The Sus­sex orig­i­nally ap­peared as Kent, Sur­rey or Old Sus­sex Fowl, hav­ing been de­vel­oped from the farm­yard chick­ens of those coun­ties. 7. (b) A newly-laid egg has a tem­per­a­ture around 40.5C 8. (c) The male Yoko­hama has an ex­cep­tion­ally long tail. The Barbu de Grubbe has no tail, and there is a rum­p­less version of the Arau­cana. 9. (a) Yel­low pig­ment is also stored in the beak and fades over the lay­ing sea­son. 10. (b) Queen Vic­to­ria was a keen poul­try-fancier, and had a mag­nif­i­cent chicken-house built for her flock. 11. (c) Regi­nald Ap­p­le­yard cre­ated the Ix­worth as a white-skinned ta­ble bird that was also a good layer. 12. (b) War­ble fly mainly af­fects cat­tle. 13. (c) Ty­lan Sol­u­ble is li­censed for the treat­ment of My­coplasma – Para­cox is a coc­cid­io­sis vac­cine and Fluben­vet is a li­censed poul­try wormer. 14. (b) The Poul­try Stan­dards were in­tro­duced in 1865. 15. (a) Brah­mas were first seen in Bri­tain when nine ‘Grey Shang­haes’ were pre­sented to Queen Vic­to­ria. So what was your score? 10-15 points: A crack­ing re­sult – go to the top of the class! 5-10 points: An eggstremely good at­tempt! 1 - 5 points: Eg­gstra home­work with Your Chick­ens re­quired!

Where else is the yel­low

pig­ment stored? (Q9)

How warm are new-laid eggs?


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